We offer complex service of designing and implementation of building management systems. BMS are based on Macroperator software and freely programmable controllers manufactured by our company. Our controllers use standard communication protocols BACnet and Modbus. Moreover provided solutions integrate and manage controlling, inter alia, air conditioning, cooling, heating, lighting, fire protection system and measure media consumption.


We feel responsible equally for control system implementation as well as a technical support. We control correctness and stability of provided applications and optimize, maintenance and update software using remote desktop. Remote desktop connection allows to change application and apply modifications without necessity of expensive service costs, which appears when technician must visit actual localization.


There is no doubt that our applications are easy and quick to operate. User can access BMS system using every web browser, from every device he decides. Mentioned option creates opportunity to access, control and manage system simultaneously by many users with different users rights. We offer technical support and compatibility with mobile devices.


Created BMS visualizations are characterised by intuitive and clear interface, fully adjusted to the Customer's needs. Simple and accessible components in combination with dynamic 3D graphics guarantee that handling system is extremely comfortable and what is the most important user has a great easiness in managing of BMS. Additionally elements of system visualization are prepared to operate on them via touch screen.


Another advantage of our applications is a perpetual license thus costs of maintaining BMS solutions is not increasing exponentially, especially when Customer decide to redefine the number of measurement points or modification of database. In other words Customer is not exposed to the additional costs of system maintenance.


Generally our applications and building management systems use standard communication protocols BACnet and Modbus. Owing to new line of freely programmable controllers of our systems, there are unlimited options and flexibility in building topology of system, control systems integrating devices and controllers from different manufacturers. Moreover we integrate also others communication protocols in particular LonWorks and M-Bus, by using specially adjusted communication gateways.


Solutions offered by us are dedicated as well for complicated and unstandardised projects as for technicians demanding constant and easy access to the service activities. Finally access to the remote connection helps decrease costs and time of system maintenance, therefore major part of all service actions could be easily conducted from random localization via internet connection. Lastly remote desktop allows for quicker, more effective acceptance and solution of all service requests.


Years of experience in building management systems design, implementation and maintenance, implicate that provided by us BMS solutions are thoroughly optimized and meet expectations even the most demanding Customers of our company. Afterwords we take simultaneous care of development and stability of applications not forgetting about visual layer of our systems - intuitive graphical user interface. Years of project implementation helped us to cumulate experiences in solving and designing many unstandardised and composite building management systems. Our experience guarantee professionalism, solidity and sureness of implemented solutions.


Constructed systems are fully adjusted to the needs presented by our Customers. Additionally they are prepared to fulfill standards of operation system. The building management systems are characterized by modularity, moderate operating systems demands. Listed features could easy limit costs of maintenance, by disabling unnecessary functionalities or implementation of system on more economic platforms. Regarding this offered by us BMS has excellent price - performance ratio for less complicated units as well as for systems with many measurement points.


Each of our BMS systems in consultation with the Customer is connected to the internet. This allows us to constant overview of the system and in case of any irregularities to take rapid response. With remote connection, visualization software can also be updated to newer versions.


If you want to convince the main advantage of our system - the price – please send inquiry ( ). We can quote and create both alone visualization system, as well as a complete automation system with the controllers, control boxes and elements of building automation.



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